New Profile Picture - RayAs a longtime member and supporter of the National Contract Management Association (NCMA), Washington D.C. chapter, I would like to start off by saying it is an honor to have this opportunity to serve as your next President! I am absolutely thrilled to serve as President of our Washington D.C. chapter. This chapter has inspired me to lead, provided me with the necessary professional development, and helped me develop a network to succeed.

I would like to thank our former President, Brad Westergren, for his hard work and dedication to the NCMA D.C. chapter during the past program year. Over the course of my years with NCMA, I have learned that the overall success of the chapter and its increase in membership arises from a history of nurturing by our former Presidents. Brad’s shoes will be challenging to fill; however, I am certain that I am ready for this challenge.

As most of you may know, the NCMA Washington D.C. chapter was charted in 1964, for the purposes of dedicating focus to the training, collaboration, and interaction of acquisition professionals from both the government and private industry sectors.  Those who join NCMA are seeking to increase their contracting knowledge and network, as well as gain exposure to the latest contracting experts and professional opportunities. This is certainly true of my path to NCMA.

After serving for nine years in the United States Army, including two deployments to Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, I moved to D.C. to start my career as a Federal Government employee in acquisition and procurement. Upon entering this field, I immediately began my search for an organization that would enhance my knowledge of acquisitions and increase my level of expertise in this field. NCMA fostered all of those needs.

I first began supporting NCMA D.C. as Vice President of Membership, which led to serving as Vice President of Operations, later Vice President of Special Programs, and now, President.  The D.C. chapter was the right choice because it has had such an amazing impact on my professional development and career. Now it is my turn to “pay if forward” and provide that support to not only the program, but also its members.

Currently, we are in a climate where training budgets are being significantly reduced and there are fewer opportunities for government acquisition and industry professionals to interface and interact. As a result, NCMA D.C. occupies a unique place in the government procurement landscape. The D.C. chapter offers monthly dinner meetings, as well as breakfast seminars and ongoing webinars on hot acquisition topics for industry and government alike. Each of these programs provides an opportunity for the Government and industry to network, discuss new ideas, and establish strategic solutions to acquisitions problems.

Because these problems cannot be solved by either industry or Government alone, NCMA recognizes that the acquisition environment requires increased engagement with organizations that also work closely with acquisition, such as the Project Management Institute (PMI), Chambers of Commerce, the American Bar Association (ABA), local universities, Innovation Labs, and Silicon Valley.

NCMA D.C. is also critical role to the shifting landscape of procurement and technology, helping to provide a platform for the federal government and industry to collaborate to develop cutting-edge technological solutions and achieve organizational success. This all starts with NCMA!

Thank you for the opportunity to serve such an amazing chapter. I look forward to making great things happen with all of you.

See you every third Wednesday at the Holiday Inn Capitol Hill!

Best regards,

Raymond McCollum

President, NCMA D.C. Chapter