scholarshipOutstanding Academic Achievement Award (OAAA) 2017

As it has done for many years, the Washington Chapter will soon be issuing its annual call for members and non-members who are either in or completing academic programs related to the field of acquisition from recognized institutions of higher learning in the Washington metropolitan area to apply for this prestigious award. The Executive Committee, under President Ray McCollum, is especially encouraging eligible candidates already in the workforce to apply.

We need your personal involvement again this year. Many of our members (and non-members) are studying in programs which meet the criteria, i.e., graduate, undergraduate or certificate programs, but are either not aware of this opportunity or are just not getting the encouragement needed to make the filing deadline.

You have access to those people putting in the hours and the effort to prepare themselves for the professional advances required to keep our profession moving.

The Outstanding Academic Achievement Award carries not only monetary prizes (usually for a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place), but is highly regarded by senior managers in government and industry – a “feather in the cap” which lasts throughout a career.

We have always counted on the senior executives in the industry and government agencies to promote the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award, but we also need all supervisors and co-workers to put momentum behind this award for 2017.

While the application for the 2017 OAAA will not be released until later in the program year, please refer to the OAAA Application for 2016 for a general idea of the type of information required.

Further questions may be directed to Allison Geewax, or to any of the following:

Please approach and be persistent in mentoring eligible students and graduates in the application process. You will make the difference in their future – and it will not be forgotten.